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Does V Rising have an offline mode?

Find out about the status of offline play in V Rising and the ability to play on a private server with no connection to the internet.
Does V Rising have an offline mode?

Update on 26th May 2022: Offline Mode is now available in V Rising patch update v0.5.41448.

Original story continues: Stunlock Studios' latest survival MMO game V Rising has recently launched for Early Access and has already attracted favorable reviews on Steam. However, many players are wondering whether V Rising is an exclusively online multiplayer title or if there is a solo offline mode.

TL;DR: Yes and no. Right now, V Rising does not allow for offline play and requires an internet connection. However, the offline mode feature is expected to roll out in the next few days (or earlier).

For those uninitiated, V Rising follows players as they awaken from a centuries-long slumber as a blood-thirsty vampire and attempt to re-establish their empire by becoming the next Dracula. "Hunt for blood to regain your strength while hiding from the scorching sun to survive," the game description reads.

Is there an offline mode in V Rising?

Given the above and that V Rising teases a vast gothic open world where players hunt and pillage villages, raid bandits, and encounter various supernatural beasts, it would be sensible to assume that the game has solo offline functionality. Indeed, this is the case -- kind of.

According to the V Rising Steam page, the developers note that players can "make allies or enemies online or play solo offline, fend off holy soldiers, and wage war in a world of conflict."

v rising open world gameplay
V Rising allows players to explore a vast, gothic open world. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

However, some players were confused after noticing a contradicting statement in the game's system requirements, stating that a broadband internet connection is required to play V Rising.

Accordingly, Stunlock Studios developers addressed this confusion in an announcement on the game's official Discord server. In their statement, the developers said that at this time, players must be connected to the internet even if they are playing solo game modes.

does v rising allow offline solo mode
V Rising does have an offline mode, but it's not currently available. (Picture: Discord / V Rising)

Commenting on the status of offline play and whether the feature will be available in the future, the developers said, "We've prioritized making this available as soon as possible" (thanks, PC Gamer).

The developers also apologized to eager players who could not play V Rising due to inconsistent internet connections or related matters. "We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause."

On the bright side, players won't need to wait too long for offline mode to become available. "It's our estimation that offline play should be available sometime in the next couple of days, but maybe earlier," the developers further noted.

Since V Rising is still an Early Access title, we can forgive the absence of certain basic features. However, Stunlock Studios says that the current state of V Rising still features "a vast world with a wealth of content and all the core mechanics in place."

v rising early access feature enhancements
V Rising is expected to receive several feature enhancements during the Early Access period. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

"The team worked hard to ensure we deliver a great experience and robust build from day one. Although a substantial part of the content has already been developed and implemented, there is still work left to reach the high-quality bar we set for our games."

Accordingly, the developers hope to add more biomes and dungeons, weapons and spell kits, diverse enemies, Castle decorations and cosmetics, crafting recipes, and other features and performance enhancements down the line.

V Rising is currently available exclusively on Windows PC via the Steam Store.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.