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Valheim Farming Guide: Seeds, Cultivation, Farms, More

Having a sustainable flow of food is a desire for many players in Valheim and one of the only ways to do that is growing crops by planting seeds.
Valheim Farming Guide: Seeds, Cultivation, Farms, More

During your journey across Valheim, you might have found various seeds in different parts of the game. 

There are a few types of seeds but most accomplish the same thing, which is to feed you. Of course, you need to find a way to plant the seeds before they can grow into something eatable. 

Planting seeds isn’t a huge ordeal but there are some items you need before the process can bear fruit. 

Planting seeds in Valheim 

Valheim planting seeds and farmingEvery base in Valheim needs a sustainable food source. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Naturally, the first item you’re going to need is the seeds themselves. In total, there are three seeds that you can plant and eventually eat in Valheim. In no particular order, they are: 

  • Carrot seed: Located on the ground in the Black Forest
  • Turnip seed: Found in the Swamp biome off Turnip flowers
  • Beech seed: Sparingly dropped by cutting down Beech trees

There’s technically a fourth seed in Valheim, the Ancient seed, but this is not for planting. Instead, you can use three of these to summon the second boss, The Elder. So if you find one by killing Greydwarf Shaman or Brutes, hang on to them. 

Once you have a healthy amount of seeds, it’s time to plant them in some soil. If you have a sizable base set up, try to place the farm close by but not too close, as something like a Beech tree can grow fairly large. 

After you have a spot selected, you need to craft the Cultivator tool. This recipe is unlocked by chopping down Pine trees with a Bronze axe and looting Core Wood.

To make the Cultivator, you’ll need 10 Core Wood and five Bronze bars, which can be made with 10 Copper and 5 Tin. 

Valheim seeds how to find and plant
A Cultivator is the main tool used in planting seeds. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Craft the Cultivator and then equip it in one of your eight action slots. Then, head over to your selected farm spot and hit the left mouse button to turn the grass into soil. Then, open the build menu, select a seed and plant it in the soil. 

After some time, your seeds will begin to grow and eventually they can be harvested for an infinite amount of food. Also, if you have a Boar farm, which is gone over in a previous article, you will need Carrots to feed them, so the seed farm serves multiple purposes.