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Valheim speedrunner kills every boss in less than an hour and a half

A new speedrun world record has been set in Valheim.
Valheim speedrunner kills every boss in less than an hour and a half

Only after a few months since Valheim released and there are already speedrunners beating the game in unfathomably fast times. 

Speedrunning is a popular way to play games like Valheim. Survival titles often present a set of goals and challenges that speedrunners can figure out how to complete in ungodly low times. Although, Valheim’s speedrun is a bit different from something like Minecraft in that there are several different bosses to defeat. 

The speedrun focuses on these bosses as the unofficial way to beat the game. Since the game launched, players have tried figuring out ways to defeat these bosses in the least amount of time possible. The previous record for killing all five was over two hours. However, that was just beaten by nearly 50 minutes. 

New speedrunning world record set in Valheim 

The speedrunner goes by the YouTuber name NickRawcliffe. They uploaded the full run to their YouTube channel for anyone who is interested in watching the whole thing or learning how to do this run themselves. 

Of course, there’s a ton of luck involved with this run, as the user needs to get lucky with the locations of the bosses and the biomes of the world. Although, one part that isn’t luck is the character used. Players are allowed to use a fully-levelled character to begin the run, allowing them to breeze through the first few bosses. The full rules for the run are found on the game’s wiki

Speaking of those, NickRawcliffe was able to defeat Eikthyr, Moder and The Elder in a staggering amount of time. What was fascinating about these bosses is that it only took one hit to defeat Eikthyr thanks to their character’s high level. 

The difficult part about this run isn’t defeating the bosses but rather finding them. Anyone that attempts this run needs to find biomes with dungeons near that hold runestones. These runestones reveal the location of each respective boss. However, NickRawcliffe didn’t even need a runestone for the final boss, Yagluth, as they just stumbled upon the creature in the Plains biome. 

Valheim speed runNickRawcliffe battling the final boss of the speedrun. (Picture: NickRawcliffe)

NickRawcliffe was able to defeat all five bosses in a time of 1:23:46. This record should stand pat for several weeks or months but it will likely be beaten by some challenger eventually.