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C9 White wants female Valorant teams to compete in VCT open qualifiers

Following their dominating performance at Game Changers NA Series 2, the C9 White Valorant team implored other female teams to compete in the VCT open qualifiers.
C9 White wants female Valorant teams to compete in VCT open qualifiers

Cloud9's all-female Valorant squad, C9 White, has been dominating in the North American region. On 27th June, they won their second Game Changers tournament in a row, defeating all other female Valorant teams without dropping a single map during the playoffs. While C9 White's domination is clear, there might be a reason for it, other than just practice and competing in all-female events. The squad threw down a challenge to other female teams, imploring them to not just play female-only tournaments, but instead compete against the best in the Valorant Championship Tour (VCT) open qualifiers.

C9 White's tip for all-female Valorant teams

After the Game Changes NA Series 2 tournament grand finals, C9 White player Annie Roberts gave one very important tip to other all-female Valorant teams.

In essence, to get better and have a chance of beating C9 White, they need to compete against the best in the world, no matter the gender of the players.

C9 white all-female valorant teams VCT stage 3 qualifiers game changes series 2
C9 White dominates the competition (Picture: Cloud9)

C9 White’s Annie Roberts reportedly said post-match that: "They need to start getting into these open tournaments. When we first joined those tournaments, we weren’t winning, we were getting rolled, I think we even got 13-0’d a couple of times. But that didn’t stop us. We didn’t go home and cry.

"It gave us more footage to review so that we got better. That is the one step you can take to actually improving beyond your scene; actually going out of your scene. We went beyond the girls’ scene and that’s why we’re at the top right now. I think if other [female] teams do that, then we’re going to see more close matches, and maybe a team taking a series off of us."

It appears this is what other top NA female teams plan to do, with Counter Logic Gaming Red planning to compete in the VCT Stage 3 open qualifiers. Further, the third-place finish at Game Changers Series 2, Shopify Rebellion, will compete at the VCT Stage 3 NA Challenges 1 qualifier and more.

C9 White's Katsumi added to Annie's comments, saying: "If you want to be better than us, you have to compete against people who are better than us. You can’t do that playing the women’s only events."

While C9 White is clearly on top of the NA female Valorant scene right now, it remains to be seen if they can continue their form into the next tournaments. With that being said, the challenge has been laid down by C9 White to other all-female teams, and we are excited to see what happens next.

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