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Check one of the most amazing Sage cosplays you'll ever see

Cosplayer XAngelicusVenusx made a stunning rendition of Valorant's healer, going as far as digitally adding her signature orbs into the mix.

The cosplay community has embraced the Valorant characters right from the closed beta, with their unique design and colourful outfits being the perfect outlet for creators' creativity to shine through.

One such cosplayer, Emily (xangelicvenusx on Instagram), decided to bring Sage to life, giving us one of the best cosplays of the healer Agent we've seen so far.

With the caption "I am shield and sword never forget that," a characteristic phrase of Sage, Emily shared her creation to her Instagram followers, showcasing the amazingly crafted costume for all to see.

Sage's gear is all meticulously present in Emily's cosplay, proving her attention to detail is unparalleled, going as far as adding the healer's signature orbs with a bit of post-production to accompany her costume. 

(Photo: @xandelicvenuxs/Riot Games)

Emily is not the only cosplayer that's given life to Valorant Agent, previously we've seen Twitch streamer Pokimane also cosplay as Sage, and of course, content creators have also taken a crack at the newest character, Killjoy.

For more on Valorant, be sure to drop by our story on how players consider the map selection being "broken" in the game.


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