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Pokimane cosplays Valorant's Sage and it's fantastic

Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys cosplays as Sage for the release of Valorant.
Pokimane cosplays Valorant's Sage and it's fantastic

Both Imane "Pokimane" Anys and the Valorant agent Sage are pretty overpowered. While the latter has received some nerfs in the Valorant launch update, Pokimane's cosplay skills have definitely not been struck by a nerf bat.

For the launch of Valorant, Pokimane cosplayed Sage for her fans while playing the game. 


Pokimane cosplays Sage

During the closed beta phase, Pokimane did describe Sage as overpowered, and Riot Games did decide to nerf the agent, specifically, her Barrier and Healing Orbs. 

It looks like there are no hard feelings between Pokimane and Sage, as her cosplay simply looks perfect.



From the black hair to the recreation of Sage's robes, the black sleeves and even Pokimane's attitude, the Sage cosplay is, for the lack of a better term, awesome wrapped in win. 

A Sage cosplay simply wouldn't be complete without orbs, and Pokimane has them in her cosplay outfit in the form of plastic light-up balls. In Valorant, Riot decided to nerf these orbs, but they can't nerf Pokimane. 

Pokimane has seen her fair share of Twitch drama as of late, but it is clear she can handle herself and won't let some drama stop her from doing what she loves.

You can check out the entire 4-hour stream where Pokimane cosplays as Sage while playing the game below.