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Check out these stunning cosplays from latest Valorant Agent, Killjoy

The cosplay community has welcomed the German tech-savvy Agent with open arms with these stunning cosplays.
Check out these stunning cosplays from latest Valorant Agent, Killjoy

A new Agent in Valorant not only means more ways to experiment Riot's tactical shooter, but it gives the cosplay community another reason to bust out the props and bring Killjoy to life.

With her colourful, juvenile style, the German character is poised to become a fan favourite within the Valorant community and the first cosplays to come out for her have been nothing short of amazing. Here are some of the best we've found.

Valorant Killjoy Cosplays

First up we have Argentinian cosplayer Glory Lamothe in a collab with Riot Games, nailing every single aspect of Killjoy, down to the details in her beanie, jacket, and gloves. The photoshoot also features imagery resembling the recently released Glitchpop line of skins, with that vibrant neon coloured futuristic style oozing all around.

Take a look at a couple of images showing off her amazing work down below.

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Images courtesy of Glory Lamothe and Riot Games.

Killjoy cosplay

Killjoy valorant cosplay

killjoy cosplay glory lamothe

Of course, there had to be a German cosplayer bringing Killjoy to life with Berlin-born Farbenfuchs embodying the Valorant Agent.


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From top to bottom it's clear special care went into crafting this costume, with the recognisable yellow jacket shining thanks to its incredible attention to detail. The pistol is a nice touch to make this Killjoy cosplay that much perfect.

Killjoy german cosplay

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