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Dafran suspended from Twitch for raging over tournament ban

Daniel "Dafran" Francesca has been handed a seven-day suspension from Twitch after several pointed attacks against Solary and Prodigy staff.
Dafran suspended from Twitch for raging over tournament ban

Former Overwatch pro and popular Twitch streamer Daniel "Dafran" Francesca has capped off a tumultuous weekend, that saw him kicked from a Valorant tournament and engage in a war of words with different parties involved, with a seven-day suspension from Twitch.

The incident started when he was banned from French esport organisation Solary tournaments, after Dafran and the team he was playing with, Prodigy, failed to turn up to scheduled match.

Dafran, who is known for his outspoken nature, took to Twitter to vent his anger: "F**k the Solary tournament on Valorant, bunch of cry baby b****es, doesn’t prove who is the best." 

"Only who is favoured by the French organizers."

The outburst prompted Solary to ban him from all future events and for Prodigy to ban him from ever playing for them again.

That wasn't the end of it though, with Dafran and his sizeable audience engaging in what Damien "Hyp" Souville described as "harassment".



And it continued with Dafran finding himself in a team with Evan "DRG" Depauw, a member of Solary, and with the former egged on by his chat decided to throw the game.

Dafran then turned his attention to the Prodigy team owner labelling him a "pussy" while calling Solary and their tournament a "joke".

Those that know Dafran know that this is hardly out of the ordinary, and he has already stated that he "has no regrets".



"F**k them all dude," he said to his viewers the day before his ban.



Interestingly this is the first major suspension from the platform we have seen since the controversial Twitch Safety Advisory Council has been formed, which aims to set up clear rules, guidelines and systems for governing behaviour on Twitch.