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Valorant set to get Deathmatch mode in patch v1.05

The long-awaited Deathmatch mode will make its debut on 5th August, a day after Act 2 releases.
Valorant set to get Deathmatch mode in patch v1.05

Valorant fans rejoice, Riot has heard your prayers and confirmed a dedicated deathmatch mode that will become available soon after the next wave of content hits the tactical shooter with Act 2 which is scheduled for release on the 4th August.

The mode itself will go live a day later, on the 5th, and it will feature a stripped-down version free-for-all version of Valorant with no abilities, weapon economy, or Spikes to plant.

How to play Valorant Deathmatch mode

As stated, there will be no teams, players will have access to all guns for free, and there will be no abilities to aid you in combat. Naturally, there are no objectives besides racking up the most kills.

Valorant Deathmatch FFA~
(Picture: Riot Games)

Matches will last up to six minutes or will end when a player manages 30 kills. The spawner will be set to three seconds with eight seconds of invulnerability (or until you move) to let players switch weapons. On top of this, every kill will drop a health pack that will fully heal anyone that picks it up.

Once you get all fired up from hitting all those headshots, Act 2 is set to debut a new Agent with all sorts of gadgets poised to make an impact on the meta — Tech-savvy Killjoy.