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Leaks reveal Horizon skin bundle coming to Valorant

Today's surprise update including files pointing to two new skin collections, one being the Horizon bundle.
Leaks reveal Horizon skin bundle coming to Valorant

Riot Games dropped a surprise patch today, v2.1, introducing major changes to Split, as well as nerfing Jett.

As with every new update, the game's leakers were hard at work in the hours after release searching for clues of what could soon be hitting the tactical shooter.

And it is thanks to them, specifically the esteemed @ValorLeaks, that we can reveal what is likely to be the next two skin bundles to hit the game, named Horizon and Prism II.

The Horizon bundle is the real stand out, capturing one of those pink summer nights. They have a similar look to the Nebula skin bundle. They are beautiful.

The bundle contains skins for the Vandal, Spectre, Bucky, Bulldog, and Frenzy.

Horizon skin bundle valorant spectre
(Picture: Riot Games)

There is no release date or pricing for the bundle yet but it is usually a few short weeks between the leaks and the eventual release.

Horizon bundle leaked

Frenzy Horizon skin valorant

Horizon Bucky
Horizon Bulldog 1