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Leaks suggest next Valorant Agent will have cloning abilities, named Shatter

Audio files of Shatter showing off some sort of duplication gimmick have surfaced via data miners.
Leaks suggest next Valorant Agent will have cloning abilities, named Shatter

As Riot Games kicked off their content roadmap for Valorant with the release of Reyna, fans eagerly await for the tactical shooter to receive its next Agent.

Thanks to data miners we might have an idea at who could be joining the cast of 11 playable characters the game currently has, as Valorant Express has dug out information regarding an Agent called Shatter, more specifically voice lines involving his abilities, which seem to be centred around copying other characters in-game.



“Shatter is another one of the agents that has possibly been scrapped, but unlike others, this has not been confirmed. After digging through dev audio files for hours, I have been able to match up some sounds to his clone ability. Enjoy,” the tweet states.

Riot has promised each new Episode, consisting of three Acts each, will bring three Agents to the roster. With every Act lasting around two months and Reyna being the first new Agent to come out since release, it seems plausible to believe we'll get official confirmation regarding a new character very soon.


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Could Shatter be the next Agent? (Credit: Riot Games)


Of course, coming up with characters for a game that relies on abilities can put the developers in a tricky situation, as it makes balance changes harder to pull off. Recently, Valorant players have criticised Sage for being overpowered, with Riot themselves admitting the healer "was out of control."

Whichever Agent comes next, we hope it doesn't throw a wrench in Valorant's meta, making it a absolute must pick in every scenario.