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Leaks suggest weapon attachments are coming to Valorant

Some of the new files included in the game suggest weapon attachments are on their way to Valorant.
Leaks suggest weapon attachments are coming to Valorant

Adding attachments to weapons in games, like scopes, flash guards and lasers are a common sight in many video games. So far Riot's new tactical shooter has had none of these, but thanks to some leaks that might not be the case for long.



Thanks to hard at work data miners, who have dove deep into the game files, there have been a number of skins discovered that points to the introduction of at the very least additional scopes for weapons.

Many guns in the game already have an alternative fire mode which includes a scope but these leaks hint at the ability to change scopes with one, in particular, looking like a non-scoped reflex sight.

During the beta Riot Games allowed players to customize their weaponry with skins and gunbuddys but customizable scopes would add a whole new dimension to the game.


Valorant scopes weapon attachments
Many guns in the game already have a scoped feature. (Picture: Riot Games)


There has been no confirmation if these attachments will affect gameplay or if they will even make it into the game, and could be for a different game mode entirely (Did someone say Battle Royale?).

The official release of Valorant is currently live in Korea, Japan and Oceania with Europe and North America set to follow in the next few hours. Players who have played the game in the closed beta will be greeted with a new map, agent, and the very first battle pass named - Ignition.