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Myth vows to "defend" Minima skins slammed by Valorant community

TenZ and AverageJonas were just some that thought that Valorant's latest skin collection was not to the standard of previous ones.
Myth vows to "defend" Minima skins slammed by Valorant community

Usually, a new Valorant skin collection has fans of Riot's tactical shooter reaching for their wallets with each line boasting an original look and a level of detail that makes them true works of art (see: GO! Vol. 1 or Glitchpop! or Elderflame), and worthy of the, admittedly hefty, price tags.

That wasn't the case though with the latest reveal with the Minima skin collection, which is not yet available but has been shown off and discussed by the members of Valorant's art team in a video posted to YouTuber aSmoogl's channel.

It's a minimalism-inspired skin collection that features clean lines with just two colours, a black-grey matte metal and restrained yellow accents. It's a collection the team are very aware has the ability to divide, confessing that while some will love it, others will suggest "it's nothing".

Minima Valorant skin collection
The Minima Operator has been likened to the sniper seen in Halo. (Picture: YouTube/aSmoogl)

And divide it has, in a first for a Valorant skin collection its created a bit of a stir on social media, with a number of the game's biggest names calling it out in good humour.

One person who wasn't a fan was Sentinels' stand-in Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, a player who probably sleeps with an Operator by his bedside, claiming that if he saw it on the ground he wouldn't be "picking it up".

Another critic was Team Liquid content creator, Jonas "Average Jonas" Navarsete who took a jibe at their collections name, claiming that Minima is in reference to the minimal number of people who are likely to buy it.

It wasn't without its defenders though, TSM's Ali "Myth" Kabbani vowed to "defend this skin pack" till he dies, claiming it's the best "by far".

Minima valorant skins bad
The Minima Sheriff. (Picture: YouTube/aSmoogl)

Riot has never been afraid to experiment with their cosmetics and with Valorant's range of skins ever expanding it's no surprise to see them going in new and controversial directions.

Players can now have their weapons look like they have come from some heavenly plane of existence, a Neo-Tokyo cityscape, and the battlefields of WW2 and you have to wonder what could come next.