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Teaser may hint at possible ice themed map coming to Valorant

An official Valorant teaser has hinted that Act 3 of the FPS could see a Russian-themed map enter the fold.
Teaser may hint at possible ice themed map coming to Valorant


Riot has now released the full trailer for new map Icebox which will come with Act III. 

You can check out the trailer below. 




Original story: 

A short video clip posted to the Valorant Twitter, featuring icicles, a wintery soundtrack, and a message in Russian has fans speculating about a possible new map coming to Riot's tactical shooter.

That message appears to be a Russian word spelled out in ice. The caption for this video teaser? "Something's dropping." 

Valorant ice map russian text
(Picture: Riot Games)

Riot Games may well be teasing some new addition for Act 3 of Valorant. Many fans have speculated that it's either a new Agent or a new map. While there's no official confirmation as of yet, the Russian word within the short clip appears to have given us a solid guess as to what the answer could be. 


What does the new Valorant teaser mean? 

If you don't want to head over to Google Translate, allow us to translate the Russian word seen in the video. In the teaser, the word spells out "Пять", which translated to English means "Five."

Of course, there are no more clues as to what this could mean but the community puzzled it together fairly easily. 

There are currently four maps in Valorant. The teaser has a Russian word that translates to Five. Although it's not official, it does seem likely that Valorant will be receiving a fifth map come Episode 1 Act 3. 

This also lines up with a previous Riot Games timeline. Back in late June, a Riot developer stated that Valorant would receive six new Agents per year along with two new maps. Well, seeing as we've already been introduced to two new Agents and only one map, the puzzle becomes even clearer. 

Ascent_mapAscent was the last map added to Valorant. (Picture: Riot Games) 

Though nothing is set in stone, it looks Act 3 of Valorant will see the arrival of a Russian-themed ice map. Players can expect the Act 3 update to arrive around the 13th of October.