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Riot confirm Omen teleport "nerf" is bug they intend to fix

Player's were left raging after they felt Omen's nerfs had gone to far.
Riot confirm Omen teleport "nerf" is bug they intend to fix

Until the latest update that coincided with the release of Episode 2 Act 1, Omen had been the undisputed king of Valorant controllers.

His ability to cast smokes across the entire map, his two teleport abilities, and his "flash" made him an intimidating figure and almost literally a must-pick at the highest levels of the game, turning up in 95% of all matches in Valorant's First Strike tournaments.

Something had to be done, especially as Brimstone and Viper languished at the bottom of those same pick lists, unable to compete with the ghoulish controller.

Valorant omen teleport shadow walk bug v2.0

So some nerfs were in order and subject of those were his Paranoia (flash) and Dark Cover (smokes).

Paranoia was given a price increase from $200 to $400, while the projectile speed of his Dark Cover was changed from 4000 to 2800, effectively increasing the time it took for him to deploy smokes in far flung corners of the map.

Most were happy with these changes, but reports began appearing with players accusing Riot of going further, namely by nerfing Omen's Shrouded Step the ability which allows him to teleport short distances.

It was an issue brought to wider attention by F1re_Foxx who, in a post on the Valorant subreddit, highlighted the nerf that Omen's teleport had recieved since v2.0 dropped with the angles which players can cast Shrouded Step being drastically reduced.

Valorant omen teleport nerf v2.0The angles at which Omen could effectively teleport had decreased. (Picture: F1re_Foxx)

Thankfully for Omen mains, it appears this is just another one of many bugs that have plagued shapeshifter, as Coleman "Altombre" Palm, who works in Insights & Strategy on Valorant, confirmed that this is an unintended change to Omen's kit that is currently being investigated.

"This teleport change was not intended in our set of Omen nerfs, likely a result of a bug or something else that shipped in the patch," wrote Altombre. "We're talking about it!"

So rest easy Omen mains the all-seeing, all-powerful controller hasn't been nerfed into the oblivion he comes from.