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Valorant: New Omen bug let's him teleport into walls

The bug-riddled Agent continues to prove a headache to Riot Games, as players have discovered yet another teleporting glitch.
Valorant: New Omen bug let's him teleport into walls

Valorant, Riot Games' first foray into the tactical shooter genre, has been a massive success. Sadly, the game's seen its fair share of bugs since its beta release, with players discovering yet another one involving Omen.

This particular issue sees the teleporting character phase through walls. Reddit user pun3750 shared a clip of him testing the glitch after accidentally running into it in an unrated match on Split, successfully doing so.

Users in the Reddit thread commented that this has been a known issue for some time now. "Finally someone made a video of it. I had an enemy Omen in a ranked 2 weeks ago who did this and I saw his gun through the wall there, so I could wallbang him," user Nibaix commented.

Omen has been a constant pain for the developers, particularly his teleporting abilities. Previously, Riot had to completely remove the Agent from the game, as he could move past the walled areas during the buy phase of a match.

omen valorant(Picture: Riot Games)

Initially, the issue seemed to stem from a map design standpoint, later discovering it was the character himself that was "broken." It seems, sadly, that this is still the case. 

The list of noteworthy Omen bugs also includes him being able to see through walls thanks to his Dark Cover ability. While most issues have been ironed out, Riot has more work to do reg