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Shroud talks about going pro in Valorant and shuts down rumours

Answering some fan questions, Shroud reveals how he won't be going pro in Valorant but he wouldn't mind helping out a team.
Shroud talks about going pro in Valorant and shuts down rumours

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek made a triumphant return to Twitch last week. The ex CS:GO pro player is one of the biggest Twitch streamers, and a big reason for this is his game knowledge, as well as incredible aim. He's been playing a lot of Valorant, and rumours have been circulating how Shroud could go pro.


Shroud talks going pro in Valorant

While many former CS:GO pros have switched to Valorant, Shroud won't be one of them. Not professionally, for a full-time team that is. 

Shroud would likely make a great addition to almost any team, and fans have been speculating the famous Twitch streamer could go pro in Valorant.

While Shroud is open to the idea of standing in for a player if a team such as 100 Thieves needs him, he has no current plans to go pro in Valorant. This was revealed in a recent stream, when Shroud answered some fan questions, and shut down rumours of going pro. 




Shroud read a fan's question: "Would you join 100 Thieves if they offered?" and simply stated "No." The streamer then continued by explaining: â€œWould I join a team as a stand-in if they ever needed me?

"Sure. So let’s say Jimbo can’t play because of something, and they needed me, sure, I’ll fill I don’t care.”

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek continued to make it clear he would not go pro in Valorant. The streamer made a direct, very clear statement: "I would never join a team. But I'd always be welcome to play as a fifth or if they just don't have people...they need a fill."

Shroud clearly doesn't want to join a professional team again, so for those clamouring on about Shroud going pro in Valorant, this might be disappointing news.