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Sinatraa celebrates Valorant success with brand new Tesla

The former Overwatch League MVP turned Valorant pro is enjoying success as an esports star.
Sinatraa celebrates Valorant success with brand new Tesla

Few people would have the guts to leave a $150k contract behind to test their prowess in a brand new scene, with Jay "Sinatraa" Won not only taking a leap of faith but coming out on top becoming even more successful than before. 

The former San Francisco Shock DPS player had his contract leaked back in 2018 before he even debuted in the Overwatch League, with many fans shocked (no pun intended) when they found out he'd be leaving it behind to chase success as a Valorant pro with Sentinels.

Sinatraa Tesla
(Photo Blizzard Entertainment)

Soon after, the proper Sinatraa would reveal he already made the same amount of money despite the Valorant scene still taking its first steps, as Riot's game just released this 2020.

Enjoying life and thriving professionally, the 20-year-old showed off on Twitter his latest prize, so to speak, as he announced himself as the owner of a shiny Tesla car.


His financial prosperity has been backed up with impressive results in the Ignition Series with Sentinels, as his squad won multiple events, such as the Pop Flash and PAX Arena Invitational

It seems, as the years go on and the audiences grow, esports players have been relishing the riches of more investment making their way into the scenes.

Recently, Cloud9 unveiled the signing of Alex for their CS:GO roster, in a move that will see the former Team Vitality star earn $1.65 million for the next three years.

Could we see such contracts in the Valorant scene? It seems we might not be too far off.