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Six bullets are all Shroud needs to pull off an insane Valorant clutch

The former CS:GO pro picked up a Vandal with only six bullets loaded, which is all he needed to win a 3v1.
It shouldn't surprise us at this point but seeing Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek click heads is one of the best things on Twitch, and his most recent Valorant clutch is proof that the King of FPS still got what it takes.

The former CS:GO pro decided to boot up Riot's tactical shooter to test out the latest character unveiled, Astra, a psychedelic-looking Agent which harnesses the power of the cosmos, arguably one of the coolest characters in the game from an aesthetics point of view.

astra valorant abilities
(Image: Riot Games)

Forced to retake A site on Icebox on his own against three opponents, Shroud picked up a Vandal with only six bullets stored. He could've reloaded, however, doing so would've revealed his position on-site and the other team could've rushed him.

Instead, Shroud cleared corners and clicked heads with surgical precision, needing just five bullets to deal with three enemies. 

Shroud shocked both teams, with the enemies completing the FPS God for his efforts. 

The 26-year-old has been a huge fan of Valorant, both as a game he can make content around and the competitive scene growing around it, regularly streaming the Valorant Champions Tour to huge numbers, a positive side for the esports side of things going forward.