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Upcoming Valorant Agent Killjoy animation and sound leaked

Thanks to dataminers, we can get our first look at the new Valorant Agent Killjoy animations, and listen to some audio files.
We know Riot Games plans to release a new Valorant Agent in Act II of Episode One. With Act I coming to an end on 2nd August, we expect the new Valorant Agent, reportedly called Killjoy, to enter the game. Now, thanks to dataminers, we can get our first glimpse at a Killjoy animation, and listen to some audio files.


New Valorant Agent Killjoy leaks

Dataminers have found what appears to be an animation in the game's files after the Valorant 1.03 update. This animation reportedly shows Killjoy's ultimate, or an effect on an enemy player.

Since no actual model of Killjoy is available, the animation was applied to Pheonix instead. The results of which you can view below.



It remains to be seen if this is an animation on Killjoy, or one of his victims when they get trapped by his ultimate. 

While nothing about the new Valorant Agent is confirmed just yet, thanks to leaks it is expected that Killjoy will have a placeable turret. Exactly how the turret will work is unknown, as it could be either automatic or player-controlled.



What we do know for sure is Riot Games will release a new Valorant Agent shortly after 2nd August. 


New Valorant Agent killjoy leaks turret
You can see the silhouette of Killjoy in Riot's plans (Picture: Riot Games)


Further, over seven minutes of leaked audio for Killjoy has been revealed. These sounds point towards high-tech gadgets or weaponry used by the upcoming Valorant Agent. 

Starting at 2:20 mark and continuing for several seconds in the video below, you can also hear what appears to be a high-tech turret deploying and firing off some rounds.