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Valorant Arcane Collector's Set: Release date, cost, skins, and more

Here's everything you need to know about the Valorant Arcane Collector's Set from a look at the cosmetics to the price, release date and more.
Valorant Arcane Collector's Set: Release date, cost, skins, and more

Riot Games has really given Valorant fans plenty of things to look forward to with the release of Episode 3 Act 3 in terms of cosmetics, with a new battle pass to grind, the Radiant Crisis skin line reveal, and the free Arcane Pass rewards.

However, one more set of premium goodies is also close to hitting the Valorant store -- the Arcane Collector's Set, a paid set of rewards to compliment the free goodies.

What's caught the eye of fans is the fact that it will feature a unique Sheriff skin that won't be available anywhere else, meaning you shouldn't expect it to pop in Night Markets or the daily refresh of the store.

Valorant Arcane Collector's Set - Release date and cost

sheriff arcane
The Arcane Collector's Set features a sleuth of premium rewards. (Picture: Riot Games)

Similar to the rest of the Arcane content, the Collector's Set will hit the store on 5th November, and leave on 22nd November.

You should not confuse the Collector's Set with the Arcane event pass, which as we've mentioned, includes free rewards such as Gun Buddies, Player Cards, and more.

If you want to get premium cosmetics, you'll need to fork out 2,380 VP, which will grant you access to more a Player Card, Gun Buddy, Title, and of course, an exclusive weapon skin.

Valorant Arcane Collector's Set - Rewards

Arcane sheriff Valorant
The Arcane Sheriff is a nod to League of Legend's Jinx. (Picture: Riot Games)

The rewards in this bundle can't be bought separately, and as stated, the Arcane Sheriff skin won't be showing up in stores once the Collector's Set leaves, giving it a sense of exclusivity no other skin has.

To summarise, this is what you'll be getting with the Arcane Collector's Set:

  • Arcane Sheriff
  • Monkey Business Gun Buddy
  • Tag! You’re Dead Spray
  • Arcane Mysteries Card 
  • Jinx Title

The Arcane Sheriff sure does look spicy, so players will likely throw their VP at the Arcane Collector's Set.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.