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Valorant Bind Map Guide: Spike Sites, Callouts, Strategies and Tips & Tricks

Get to know one of the first maps available in Riot's new tactical shooter that presents unique challenges and opportunities for players.
Valorant Bind Map Guide: Spike Sites, Callouts, Strategies and Tips & Tricks

With Valorant nearing release, one of the most important aspects of the game players will need to learn quickly are the maps. There are currently three maps available in the closed beta - Bind, Haven and Split.

Callouts, plant sites, angles, all these are key to success, and that's not even taking into account the specific aspects that make each map different.

Let's take a look at Bind:


Bind Map: Spike locations, and callouts

Valorant Bind Map Guide


Thanks to Twitter user TacticsValorant we have a detailed map that shows the location of the teleporters, Spike bomb sites, and numerous other features of the map. It also has the name of the callouts - shorthand for various areas in the map - great for giving information to your teammates in the heat of battle.


Bind Map Strategies

Bind Map Guide


Bind has two Spike plant sites with multiple small entrances that will be key for either defenders or attackers when it comes to holding angles. 

Showers for A and Hookah for B specifically, making Agents with recon abilities like Sova and Cypher a huge asset for any squad.

The big gimmick of Bind are the two one-way teleporters located at the edge and in the centre of it. One can be accessed from Long B all the way to Faucets. The other one is near Hay on A and leads just right outside Hookah on site B.

Another interesting aspect of the teleporters is the fact that there are severe setbacks to compensate for how easy it is to traverse around the map with them - they're extremely loud and can leave you and your team wide open in case the enemies take notice of your rotations. 

Furthermore, tools such as drones, projectiles, and even weapons can be thrown through them.


Tips & Tricks

This section will be updated as we get more information.


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