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Valorant devs promise further Skye nerfs if needed

The subject of a nerf in v3.06, the team at Riot say they will go further if it's felt that Skye is not yet in a "good spot".
Valorant devs promise further Skye nerfs if needed

Hot on the heels of the culmination of Valorant Masters Berlin and with calls across the player base, agents Jett and Skye were nerfed in last week's v3.06 update.

Regarding Jett, it was her Cloudburst and Ultimate that were looked at, with nothing more than an acknowledgement that there is an issue with her unique movement abilities.

For Skye though, who was designed as an Initiator but more accurately fit into the Duelist archetype, it was her flashes that bore the brunt of the nerfs, which came longer to equip and to activate once "fired."

Valorant devs promise further Skye nerfs if needed

For those that main the Aussie agent, there would be the hope that this is enough to bring her in line with other agents, although those hopes have possibly been dashed after today's State of the Agents update. The developers "promised" that further nerfs would be on the cards if she continued to be more powerful than other agents in her class.

Skye Nerf Valorant
Skye saw her flashes nerf and her Ultimate cost increase in v3.06. (Picture: Riot Games)

In an explanation that encompassed the buffs to KAY/O's flashes, the developers explained that such changes need to be done with caution as the "smallest tweaks can result in big differences."

"The goal here is to increase KAY/O’s viability, and reduce some of the frustrating parts of playing against Skye (like how fast she can capitalize on her flash)," explained character producer John Goscicki.

"If these tweaks are not enough, we’ll move the needle around until they are in a good spot. Promise," Goscicki added.

KAYO Flash buff
KAY/O's flashes are more unpredictable after the sound cues were removed from the game. (Picture: Riot Games)

The developers also revealed they are going deeper into their understanding of how abilities work and how players are using them. In an exercise they called, "Ability Efficacy Exploration," they once again touched on flashes, asking: "once a flash is used, how often do people take an angle?"

"Ultimately this helps us sharpen our thinking around what Agents do currently, to support and strengthen our thinking around future balance/agent/map work," Goscicki concluded.


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Featured image courtesy of Valorant Esports.