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Valorant is currently down for emergency maintenance

Riot is currently performing emergency maintenance for EU and Asia-Pacific regions, which means that Valorant is currently down.
Valorant is currently down for emergency maintenance

Riot's highly anticipated character-based tactical FPS Valorant is finally here.

The game has been launched in all regions earlier today, but there are currently some problems across several regions. That's something to be expected for any popular multiplayer game at launch when millions of players are rushing to play it.

valorant down europe eu
(Picture: Riot Games)

In Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, Valorant is currently down for emergency maintenance, while Riot is also investigating some issues in other regions.

They are also investigating NA/LATAM/BR/AP regions, where players are running into issues "with game starts over the same period of time," as well as an issue where players are missing VP they have purchased during the closed beta.

After almost two months of closed beta, Valorant has launched today with a new map called Ascent, a new Agent called Reyna, and a huge patch with buffs and nerfs to five Valorant Agents.

If you have any issues with Valorant error codes, we may have a solution for you.