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Complexity Denied VCT 2023 Partnership Amid Mass Exodus Of Valorant Esports Teams

Complexity follows a string of esports orgs resigning from Valorant's competitive scene after Riot Games declined their 2023 VCT applications.
Complexity Denied VCT 2023 Partnership Amid Mass Exodus Of Valorant Esports Teams

On 22nd July 2022, Complexity Gaming, alongside other esports organizations, was denied partnership in the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Americas League, despite being a relatively prominent entity in Valorant’s competitive scene. 

Complexity announced the failed partnership on Twitter, while other esports organization gave their two cents, with some taking a step back from competitive Valorant. Complexity stated it would discontinue its “efforts in the VCT via [its] men’s Valorant team."

However, it’s not the end for Complexity Gaming tackling the competitive scene as the North American esports giant will continue its journey through its female Valorant team, Complexity.GX3, focusing on “breaking down barriers and elevating the undeserved women’s gaming community.”

Complexity Among A Wave Of Orgs Exiting Valorant Esports

Complexity alongside other esports organizations left Valorant's esports scene.
Complexity's one of the biggest North American esports organizations worldwide. (Picture: Twitter / Complexity)

To the community, the denial of partnership across multiple teams, including Complexity, might be a shock, especially considering the team's relevancy and integrity. There’s no denying the caliber of talent Complexity’s Valorant team possessed. Indeed, this includes the many other groups that have recently parted amid the esports scene’s mass exodus. But there is hope for the future.

Complexity launched its application for the VCT Americas League, which Riot Games declined after reviewing. The organization stated, “Complexity’s substantive and compelling application was not selected to proceed.” Complexity added. “We are saddened by this decision as our submission was robust, detailing our history of success and innovation, as well as our vision for the future of Complexity within the new Valorant ecosystem.”

complexity gaming, complexity, esports, valorant, valorant champions tour,
Valorant Champions Tour 2022 is the epicenter for Valorant esports, featuring the biggest teams and prize pools worldwide. (Picture: Riot Games)

In light of the situation, Complexity revealed it would withdraw its male Valorant team and instead focus on Complexity.GX3. The esports organization concluded its post by stating, “our hope is that in the future, more opportunities will be opened to showcase the incredible depth of the North American talent pool.”

Complexity concluded. “Until then, we’ll see you in Valorant Game Changers with Complexity.GX3.”

Unfortunately, Complexity isn’t the only one to back out of the limelight. Built by Gamers (BBG), Darkzero, Akrew, and SoaR Gaming announced their departure from Valorant esports at roughly the same time. 

BBG posted a video on Twitter discussing the denial of its application. CEO Todd Searle stated BBG would be getting more information from Riot games soon about Valorant esports’ domestic league.

Todd continued by saying, “BBG will analyze this information that Riot Games gives [it] to see it's viable to have a domestic league team.”Todd adds. “Regardless of the domestic league information, BBG does want to remain in the scene in some way."

Darkzero, Akrew, and SoaR Gaming all released public announcements on Twitter about their temporary departure, too.

It’s saddening to see rosters being dropped across the scene. Still, there’s hope regarding Riot Games domestic leagues, which might help soften the blow North American-branching esports organizations are experiencing.

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Featured image via Riot Games.