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Valorant player impersonates FaZe Clan manager and deceives teammates

Valorant player, Regan “tdawgg” Travis, stepped forward to expose fellow team member, Joseph “Silent” Oliver, for impersonating FaZe Clan’s manager, “Infamous”.
On the 18th of June 2021, professional Valorant player, Travis “tdawgg” Regan, alleged that a player deceived himself and four of his own teammates (V1C, Lunar, A77, Nerve) into believing that they were all being recruited to FaZe Clan’s new Academy Valorant project team. This, according to him, was later revealed to be a sham. Regan took to Twitter, linking to a YouTube video entitled, “The SCANDAL of FaZe Academy Valorant”, in which he detailed allegations about the player that will shock you. 

Valorant player impersonates FaZe Clan manager, Infamous

In the video, Regan identified the deceptive player as Joseph “Silent” Oliver, who he said, “tricked seven to eight people into thinking that they were going to signed as FaZe Academy by impersonating the FaZe [Valorant] manager, Infamous”.

Regan alleged that Silent had malicious intentions, explaining that Silent wanted to trick star player, V1C (who was signed to a CS:GO MDL team), into continuing to play Valorant; and ultimately use him for his own personal gain. 

In the video, Regan (who served as the team’s coach) explained that he and four others (V1C, Lunar, A77, Nerve) were deceived into believing they would be signed to FaZe Clan for $6000 to $8000 per player, and $5000 per coach, for an initial period of 2 months. He further explained that Silent (who was also included in the roster) orchestrated the plan by falsifying Twitter DMs with Infamous, who in reality was unaware of the ordeal.

You can see screenshots of the faked DMs between Infamous and Silent below.

Valorant player scam Faze Clan manager infamous Academy team Joseph Silent Oliver

Valorant player scam Faze Clan manager infamous Academy team Joseph Silent Oliver

Valorant player scam Faze Clan manager infamous Academy team Joseph Silent Oliver(Picture: YouTube / tdawggwow)

Regan went on to explain that the scam was not a simple hoax and had affected himself and the other team members in their personal lives too. He explained that some of them rejected genuine offers to play and sacrificed many hours of their day in pursuit of an opportunity that wasn’t real.

Beyond this, he explained that Silent (who was present in all of their scrims) knew how excited and hopeful his teammates were about the life-changing opportunity; and yet falsified the entire ordeal for as long as 8 weeks.


The scam is revealed as Tdawgg speaks to real Infamous

In an attempt to pull the plug, Silent allegedly created another fake DM between himself and Infamous. In the alleged conversation, it was indicated that Infamous aware of players “leaking” information about the under-wraps FaZe Academy project team.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Regan allegedly reached out to the real Infamous on Twitter, in fear of potentially losing out on the opportunity with FaZe. He then quickly discovered that the entire FaZe Valorant Academy project was a sham.

Regan later explained that the real Infamous was unaware of Silent’s dealings with FaZe Clan. He also indicated that Silent had a history of being a “shady character” in Fortnite, with priors in deceptive practices, including selling accounts and Discord servers.

Although Silent has offered an apology to the team, Regan explained that he wanted to expose the entire ordeal in order to prevent anything similar from occurring ever again.

Valorant player scam Faze Clan manager infamous Academy team Joseph Silent Oliver(Picture: YouTube / tdawggwow)

These allegations are quite serious and could have severe consequences, should those affected pursue legal action. It is also unsettling to learn that anyone would even think of doing something like this; and even more so to their own friends. While we hope that these allegations are not true, Regan seemingly provided substantial grounded evidence to prove otherwise.

You can watch the video where Regan exposes Silent’s sham in the video below:

Disclaimer: FaZe Clan has yet to come forward with an official statement to support the claims made by Regan. We endeavour to supplement this story with additional information, as it becomes available.

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