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Valorant players to be awarded Act Rank gun buddy, ranked improvements coming in 2021

Players will be awarded a gun buddy based on their Act Rank which will lock on the 11th January.
Valorant players to be awarded Act Rank gun buddy, ranked improvements coming in 2021

In order to celebrate the end of the first episode of Valorant, Riot Games will reward players with a small token of gratitude for participating in Episode.

All players who play ranked will be reward with the EP1 Gun Buddy, which will be different depending on your rank when players' Act Rank locks on 11th January.

Once Episode 1 Act 3 ends and your Act Rank locks, you will find out which version of EP1 Gun Buddy you've earned.

Your Gun Buddy will be based on the highest Act Rank you got during the entire three Act Episode. So If you got Gold 3 in Act 2 but just Bronze in Act 3 you will be awarded a Gold Gun Buddy,

The Gun Buddy will be available soon after Episode 1 Act 3 ends.

valorant ranked EP1 Gun Buddy
(Picture: Riot Games)

Besides rewards for Season 1, Riot Games shared first details on what changes players can expect to see in Valorant ranked to come in 2021.

Developers state that they know how much players hate toxic behaviour and promise they are working on implementing systems that will help solve issues with AFKers/INTers and will make some significant changes in regards to in-game penalties for disruptive behaviour.

They will also work on making things easier for players who don't use voice chat, by implementing "more informative non-verbal communication" which might mean adding a more advanced ping system, but they didn't share more details about it.

Riot also teased of new ways for players to compete as a group together, with a team leaderboard, or perhaps in-game tournaments, two likely options.

Valorant Episode 1 Act 3 will last for another month, with the scheduled end date being 13th January 2021.