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Valorant Self-Resurrection item spotted in game files

There might be a Valorant Self-Resurrection item coming to the game when it launches. A SelfRes item was found in the game's files.
Valorant Self-Resurrection item spotted in game files

The Valorant closed beta kicked off last week, and many fans are still trying to get in. There is still a long way to go as Riot Games continues to improve on Valorant, and we can expect a lot more coming to the game. Now, a Valorant Self-Resurrection item has been spotted in the game's files.

Valorant Source reports an item mesh with the codename SelfRes was found. This Self-Res Valorant item could possibly get released when the game moves out of beta, or during the closed beta phase for testing.

At the time of writing, there is no official information on how the Valorant self-res item could work, or what the cost will be. It does, however, look to be a mobile unit, which an Agent can place somewhere on the map.

Speculation on how the Valorant Self-Resurrection item could work suggests a player places the Self-Res item on the map once the match starts. When this player dies, they could respawn in the area they placed it. 

The Self-Res item will very likely have one charge per match only. Otherwise, it will simply be too powerful.

Keep in mind this could be an item in the game's files Riot Games decided not to implement. Things like this happen all the time with betas, so until the item is officially revealed, you shouldn't hold your breath. 

The Valorant Self-Resurrection could likely make Sage's job a bit easier. At the time of writing, there is no additional information available on the item.

It could be an item for one specific Agent or even the ability of a yet-to-be-revealed Agent.