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Valorant Sensation Skin Bundle: Price and release date revealed

What you need to know about the rainbow-themed Valorant Sensation Bundle, including a look at all the weapon skins, the price, and the release date.
Valorant Sensation Skin Bundle: Price and release date revealed

Early in November, the Valorant Sensation skin bundle leaked, and it looked absolutely incredible. Now, everything about the Valorant Sensation skin bundle has been revealed, including a look at each weapon skin and price, the bundle price, and of course, the release date. Take your first look at the Valorant Sensation skin bundle, and find out how much it will cost you.

Valorant Sensation skin bundle: Release date

The Valorant Sensation skin bundle has a release date of 3rd December 2020. Yes, you can log into Valorant right now and purchase it from the in-game store.

Check out all the weapon skins in-game from YouTuber 4TheForge below.

With this new skin bundle for Valorant, you can celebrate the First Strike tournament in style, which also kicks off on 3rd December. 


Valorant Sensation skin bundle price 

The Valorant Sensation skin bundle is in the "select tier" which should make fans very happy, as this means the bundle should only set you back roughly $30, or for the price of 2930 VP if you have some saved.

Each weapon skin in the Valorant Sensation bundle has a price of 875 VP. It is also one of the best-looking skin bundles Riot Games have produced yet.

If you purchase the bundle instead of individual skins, you should save 1445 VP in the process.

All Valorant Sensation weapon skins

There are a total of five skins in the Valorant Sensation bundle, all for different weapons. Take a look at each skin below. 


Sensation1.jpg?_t=1607001542(Picture: Riot Games)


Sensation2.jpg?_t=1607001569(Picture: Riot Games)


SensationOdin.jpg?_t=1607001597(Picture: Riot Games)


SensationStinger.jpg?_t=1607001667(Picture: Riot Games)


SensationVandal.jpg?_t=1607001692(Picture: Riot Games)

So there you have it, the full Valorant Sensation skin bundle, which can be purchased for a decent price via the in-game store right now.