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Valorant Split Map Guide: Spike Sites, Callouts, Strategies and Tips & Tricks

Get to Split one of the four available maps at launch for Riot's new tactical shooter.
With the Valorant beta starting, one of the most important aspects of the game players will need to learn quickly are the maps.

Callouts, plant sites, angles, all these are key to success, and that's not even taking into account the specific aspects that make each map different - with Riot making efforts to create maps that have unique gameplay features like Bind's teleporters.

There will be three maps at release Bind, Haven, Split and a fourth unnamed map. Currently, in the closed beta, there are three maps to play


Split Map: Spike locations, and callouts

Split Map Guide Spike bomb sites, call outs


Split Map Strategies

Split Map Guide

Split is in some ways a traditional three-lane map. Two Spike sites sit either at opposite ends of the defending sides part of the map. 

A is arguably the hardest bombsite to attack in this map as there are two entrances for the defending team to set up from, this gives them greater unpredictability and makes it harder for attackers as they need to cover two sight lanes when pushing in.


Split Tips and Tricks

We haven't had much game time with Split yet, but check back here for more info as we get it.

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