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Back 4 Blood beta code not working - how to fix

Back 4 Blood open beta starts today, but a number of players report that they can not activate their beta code. If your Back 4 Blood beta code is not working, here's why.
Back 4 Blood beta code not working - how to fix

The day has finally come for Back 4 Blood to enter its open beta phase.

Back 4 Blood beta starts today, on 5th August, and for the first 5 days, it will be available only to those players who have preordered the game, as they will have early access to the open beta.

If you are one of those players who had preordered the game, you will be able to play the game starting today, as developers have provided you with a code that you can activate to gain early access and start playing Back 4 Blood today.

But some players report that their codes don't work. Is the code invalid or is there some other issue?

Read further to understand what's the problem and why your Back 4 Blood beta code can not be redeemed.

Why is your Back 4 Blood beta code not working?

Back 4 Blood beta code not working - how to fix
(Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

While there might be some other issues, the simple answer is that you are trying to activate the code too early.

Open beta early access starts at 8 pm BST / 9 pm CET / 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT.

The game will not be available before this time, and your beta code will become valid only after the beta officially launches. 

If you are getting errors while trying to activate the code, this is most likely the reason behind it.

This is the same both for PC and for PlayStation and Xbox families of consoles.

The only solution is just to wait a few hours before the beta officially starts, and then you will be able to redeem the code and download the game.

And while waiting for the beta to go live, you may check out our Back 4 Blood card system guide and character guide.

UPDATE - The open beta is now live, and if you are still having issues with the game, check out some of these fixes below: