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Bud Light Battle of the Best: How to watch, participants, games, and more.

Bud Light is sponsoring a unique event involving four games and sixteen streamers, here's how it all goes down.
September is off to a strong start for fans of competitive gaming, as Bud Light is sponsoring an event involving four different titles to test the skills of sixteen streamers and content creators.bud light battle of the best

With Battle of the Best, streamers like Shroud, TimTheTatman, or Dr. Lupo will be able to showcase their skill in a variety of games that include first-person shooters, battle royales, and even sports games.

Here's everything you need to know about Bud Light's Battle of the Best.

Bud Light Battle of the Best participants

A total of sixteen streamers and content creators were invited to the Bud Light Battle of the Best, however, this does not mean only they will be playing, as in several games they are required to bring in teammates in order to achieve victory.


The sixteen confirmed streamers are:


  • TimtheTatman
  • Shroud
  • DrLupo
  • Cloakzy
  • Jordan Fisher
  • King George
  • GoldGlove
  • QuarterJade
  • Bnans
  • Jonsandman
  • Acti

Bud Light Battle of the Best schedule

The event runs from 1st September to the 4th, with each day featuring a different game to be played by all competitors. Viewers will be able to catch all the action starting at 4 pm PST (12 AM BST) on Tuesday, 1st September. Expect the rest of the days to have a similar starting time.

The games

There will be a total of four different games set to be played at the Battle of the Best, with Bud Light confirming the participants will test their skills in the following games.

  • Halo
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Fall Guys
  • Golf with Friends

Where to watch Bud Light Battle of the Best

Each streamer on the list will be allowed to broadcast their personal POV, but if you're looking for the official stream, we've linked Bud Light's Twitch stream down below for your convenience.

Who is your favourite to take the tournament? If you're interested in what's happening with each game's community, check out Nickmercs's best FiNN loadout for Warzone or everything you need to know about Fall Guys Season 2.