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ChairGTables becomes the first Vtuber speedrunner in AGDQ history

The Vtuber showcased a game they developed, a rhythmic bullet hell title called Super Ledgehop: Double Laser.
ChairGTables becomes the first Vtuber speedrunner in AGDQ history

Vtubers are becoming increasingly popular in the world of streaming and at Awesome Games Done Quick, the speedrunning week-long marathon that supports the Prevent Cancer Foundation, ChairGTables became the first one to ever feature in the event's history.

Speedrunning is the act of finishing a game in the fastest way possible, by optimizing gameplay patterns and in a lot of cases, exploiting glitches the developers never intended to be used. In this case, however, Chair decided to showcase how to break their own game, the rhythmic bullet hell titled Super Ledgehop: Double Laser.

With an energetic and infectious vibe that enamored the late-night AGDQ viewers on Twitch, with the run taking place at 2:05am PST (8:05am GMT), Chair took less than five minutes to finish Ledgehop, explaining how to essentially cheese your way through most of the stages, sometimes bypassing them completely.

"Is it really a good idea for the dev to show off how broken this game is? I don't think it's a really good idea but all that matters we all have fun, speedrunning this game is super duper fun for me."

Here's a quick video of Chair clipping through an entire stage they created, doing so with the utmost enthusiasm.

If you're interested in checking the run, here's a link to the timestamp.

Who is ChairGTables? 

chairgtables speedrunner(Photo: ChairGTables)

ChairGTables is a game developer, serving as the lead at LAME (Let's All Make Entertainment) Dimension studio, directing plenty of indie titles, with Ledgehop: Double Laser being their most recognizable one, released in 2018.

Other games under their belt include the hack and slash The Quarter Game and the free to download Yuuto Ichika Makes Friends, a homebrew Game Boy game that can be played on PC via emulators.

On top of this, Chair is also a fan of fighting games, even implementing some similar mechanics to their games. During the speedrun of Ledgehop at AGDQ, they reference waveshining, a technique used by high-level Fox and Falco players in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

You can check out Chair's Twitch stream if you're interested in what they're up to next.