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Cities: Skylines to get first major competitive event, Red Bull Metropolis

Red Bull Metropolis will bring together leading content creators for a series of challenges in Cities: Skylines.
There are a few games that prove a natural fit for competitive play, and then there is Cities: Skylines.

That's no sleight on Paradox Interactive's city builder, it's just that a single-player game that tasks you with creating a functioning city from transport to housing, hardly screams nail-biting competitive action.

Red Bull Metropolis Cities: Skylines tournament
Cities: Skylines, originally released in 2015, is a modern take on the city builder. (Picture: Paradox Interactive)

But that is exactly what is happening, as Red Bull has joined forces with the developers, and with the support of the wider Cities: Skylines community, to host the Red Bull Metropolis.

The format will see competitors, all top content creators from the community, tasked with various city planning conundrums such as building an effective bike network or saving their city from a meteor falling from space. Each time-limited challenge will take place on custom-built maps and points will be awarded based on factors such as ingenuity, integration, and realism.

The two highest-scoring players will compete in a sixth and final challenge to determine the Red Bull Metropolis champion.

Experts will be on hand too in the shape of content creator, City Planner Plays, who will be offering solutions based on his experience as a professional city planner.

The one-day event will take place on 21st August, and alongside an official broadcast on Red Bull's Twitch and YouTube channels, viewers will also be able to follow all the action from their favourite creators.

This is just Red Bull's latest foray into the world of esports, this year alone they have run Red Bull Kumite, a Street Fighter V Invitational, CS:GO's Red Bull Flick, and the Red Bull Campus Clutch, a Valorant tournament for university students.

How to watch Red Bull Metropolis

Red Bull Metropolis
Red Bull Metropolis is billed as Cities: Skylines first major competitive event. (Picture: Red Bull)

Following all the action from the Red Bull Metropolis event is easy, with official streams on both Red Bull's Twitch and YouTube channels.

The one-day, six-hour, event will take place on the 21st of August, starting at 4 pm GMT.

We have embedded the Twitch channel below.

Viewers will also be able to follow the action from the competitors POV.