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Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets - Week of 4th May

Dead by Daylight refreshes its Shrine of Secrets weekly, and the perks for the week of 4th of May have been released.
Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets - Week of 4th May

Every week, Dead by Daylight updates its Shrine of Secrets with four new perks for survivors and killers to purchase. Players are able to purchase these perks to unlock on all of their killers or survivors using the game's Iridescent Shards currency. 

A new set of perks was released on 4th May 2022, with two new perks chosen for survivors and two picked out for killers, as always.

Read on to learn which perks are in the Shrine of Secrets for the week of 4th May 2022.

Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets - 4th May

Meg Thomas' Sprint Burst is among the perks in the Shrine this week. (Image: Dead by Daylight)

The following perks are available to purchase in the Shrine of Secrets for the week of 4th May:

  • Sprint Burst - Meg Thomas (Survivor) - When starting to run, break into a sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds. Causes the Exhausted status effect for 60 seconds. Sprint Burst cannot be used while Exhausted. You do not recover from the Exhausted status effect while running. 
  • Borrowed Time - Bill Overbeck (Survivor) - Survivors you unhook gain the Endurance status effect for 8 seconds.
  • Hex: Retribution - The Deathslinger (Killer) - Any Survivor interacting with a Dull Totem or a Hex Totem will suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 35 seconds. If any Hex Totem is removed, including this one, the auras of all Survivors are revealed for 15 seconds.
  • Monitor & Abuse - The Doctor (Killer) - While in a chase, your Terror Radius is increased by 8 meters. Otherwise, your Terror Radius is decreased by 8 meters and your field of view is increased by 3 degrees.
The Deathslinger's Hex: Retribution is a Killer perk in the Shrine for 4th May. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Each perk costs 2000 Iridescent Shards. Alternatively, players can purchase teachable perks they already own to receive 150,000 Bloodpoints in return for their Shards.

Those are all of the perks in Dead by Daylight's Shrine of Secrets for the week of 4th May 2022.

The Shrine refreshes every week on Wednesday at 12 AM GMT Tuesday at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, so stay tuned for updates each time the Shrine refreshes. 


You can keep up with updates to the Shrine and other Dead by Daylight news by taking a look at our section dedicated to Dead by Daylight guides, tips, news and more!

Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.