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Dead Space writer is teasing a new game to be shown at PS5 event

British writer Antony Johnston has tweeted that he is working on a new game and pointed his followers to watch PlayStation 5 presentation this Thursday. What could that mean?
If you are a fan of a horror genre, especially space horror, you surely know the importance of Dead Space.

Original Dead Space from 2008 is still considered one of the best horror games of all time, with a phenomenal atmosphere, intense gameplay and innovative sound design for that era.

The game was inspired by movies such as Event Horizon and Solaris, and games Resident Evil 4 and System Shock. 

Glen Schofield, the creator and executive producer of the game, described Dead Space as "Resident Evil in space".

dead space 4
Dead Space (Picture: EA)

The first game in the series is a cult classic for a reason. And while Dead Space 2 followed that formula, Dead Space 3 was mostly a disappointment for fans, due to its focus on action and lack of the distinguishable atmosphere the first two games were known for.

Visceral Games, the studio behind the series, was shut down in 2017, and so it seems that Dead Space died with them.

But, hopes of fans are being reignited this evening, since one of the original Dead Space writers, Antony Johnston, tweeted that he has been working on a new game for the last two years and that we should watch PlayStation 5 event this Thursday. 

The fact that he is seemingly randomly pointing towards PS5 event in the same tweet implies that a new game of his is probably slated for presentation at the event.

Antony Johnston was one of the three writers working on the first Dead Space game, along with Warren Ellis and Rick Remender.

dead space 4
Dead Space (Picture: EA)

He was mostly involved in writing dialogues and putting the finishing touches on things that were already established by Ellis and Remender. Johnston also contributed heavily to the audio logs, which he used to create additional storyline and flesh out the narrative.

Besides his work on Dead Space, he is best known for the post-apocalyptic comic series Wasteland and the graphic novel The Coldest City.

dead space 4
Dead Space (Picture: EA)

We are not really sure what this new game could be but don't put your hopes up too high that it will be a new Dead Space game. The odds are low for that to happen, but who knows? 

Is this a new Dead Space game, or something completely different, we will probably find out this Thursday at "The Future of Gaming" PlayStation 5 event. Those interested will be able to watch the event on Twitch or YouTube starting at 9 pm BST.