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Does Splitgate have cross-progression?

Learn if you can transfer your stats from platform to platform in Splitgate.
Does Splitgate have cross-progression?

The full release date of Splitgate is rapidly approaching but there’s still a solid amount of questions that players have about the game. 

While players are still enjoying the innovative FPS shooter, the questions are lingering. Perhaps the most-asked, and least-answered, question is whether or not Splitgate will have cross-progression. We know the game has cross-play, as evident by the beta but there’s been little mentioned about progression carrying over from platform to platform. 

Below, we dive into all of the details surrounding the news about cross-progression and whether or not Splitgate will have the feature. 

Splitgame cross-progression
Splitgate gets its full release later this month. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Splitgate and cross-progression 

As of this moment in time, Splitgate does not have cross-progression. Of course, many players are hopeful that the feature isn’t in the game due to it currently being in beta form. A common thought among the community is that the developers at 1047 Games are waiting for the full release to launch cross-progression. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case. While the developers haven’t stated anything official on the matter, as they’ve been preoccupied with the growing popularity of Splitgate. This increased player base wasn’t expected at all and it caught the developers by surprise. They extended the beta just so they could have extra time to work on the game’s unstable servers.

Splitgate cross-progression
Splitgate had its beta across Steam and consoles extended to the end of August. (Picture: 1047 Games)

As a result, Splitgate will likely not have cross-progression at any time in the near future. Perhaps the devs could pull a fast one on the community and implement the feature randomly but at this point, cross-progression appears to be on the back-burner, if it’s in the developer’s plans at all.