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DrDisrespect's own game franchise? Wants to "build a billion-dollar IP"

Famous YouTuber DrDisrespect wants to create his own game franchise and discussed the goals of this "billion Dollar IP" with his fans.
DrDisrespect's own game franchise? Wants to "build a billion-dollar IP"
Herschel Beahm IV, better known as DrDisrespect by fans, has always been outspoken about current titles, and the moves developers make. He doesn't hold back any criticism. While he is well known as a Call of Duty content creator, he was also a Sledgehammer community manager back in the day and even designed levels for Advanced Warfare. He also has a Rogue Company map "Champions Club" which he designed himself. Now, it appears he wants to create his own game franchise, building a billion Dollar IP in the process.

DrDisrespect's own game franchise

Speaking to fans in a recent stream, DrDisrespect discussed creating his own game franchise.

DrDisrespect explained: "Look at the competition, man. The industry is starving for the next big idea, it’s pretty apparent."

He then continued by making it sound easy to create your own game franchise, telling his fans: "We just need to make our own game. Get a little budget, get some funding, you know? Maybe raise $20-25 million and just go and build a billion-dollar IP."

For DrDisrespect, his own game would need one unique selling point to set it apart from the competition.

He didn't reveal or even tease what this selling point might be, but he wants this "hook" to be "f%$king sick" and "mature".

The image above was taken from the clip, as fans spotted a folder on DrDisrespect's background called "GameIdea_1".

DrDisrespect own game franchise billion dollar IP(Picture: DrDisrespect)

This is very likely planted there as a tease by the streamer to get fans riled up, and doesn't truly mean anything in our opinion.

It remains to be seen if DrDisrespect will ever really attempt to create his own game franchise. That being said, he did release his own book entitled "Violence. Speed. Momentum." and he does have a background in game design...

If he ever does reveal any concrete information about his own game or even franchise, we will let you know.