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Fall Guys players unlocks near-impossible trophy

In just one week, one Fall Guys players have managed to unlock the Infallible trophy to the surprise of the developers.
Mediatonic's Fall Guys took the world by storm early in August, becoming an instant success. The game is, without a doubt, a chaotic and addictive summer blast for players to enjoy. However, trophy hunters on PS4 going for the Platinum Trophy might get a bit frustrated with the Fall Guys Infallible trophy, which players have managed to unlock thanks to both luck and skill.


Fall Guys players unlock Infallible trophy

Due to the chaotic nature of Fall Guys, and how difficult it is to win, Mediatonic teased just before the game's release how there's a trophy they believe is nearly impossible to get.

This Fall Guys trophy is called Infallible, and it requires you to win five episodes in a row. Keep in mind there are team games thrown into the mix, as well as too many random elements to count.


Fall guys trophy Infallible Mediatonic Dan Allen
(Picture: Dan Allen Gaming)


You can't blame Fall Guys' lead developer, Joe Walsh, for saying: "one of them is so insanely hard I don't think anyone will ever unlock it."


Well, players have managed to unlock the Fall Guys Infallible trophy, just one week after the game's launch on PS4 and PC. 



Fall Guys player Dan Allen is an Australian YouTuber and one of the players who've managed to unlock the Fall Guys Infallible trophy.

Dan Allen explained his achievement: "As much as it takes skill, it takes a lot of luck. I have to be honest, you need lady luck on your side to get this done".

With so many random elements at play it is astonishing how players can do it one week after the game's launch.

Dan Allen explains how he managed to get the near-impossible trophy in the lengthy video below.