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Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Slime Climb

With Fall Guys being the latest and greatest battle royale on the scene, here’s how to make sure you qualify in the Slime Climb round.
Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Slime Climb

Now that Fall Guys has finally released, over 1.5 million players have entered the fight for first place in the wacky battle royale-style game. Playing a series of minigames with the aim to be the last jellybean standing at the end of it all, there’s a lot to learn if you want to be the best. Here’s how to win at Slime Climb.

How to win Slime Climb

Slime Climb is a race with a twist, as players not only have to outrun each other but also the slowly-ascending pit of slime as they scramble to the end of the stage. Whilst technically this is still a race, many rounds have enough players eliminated by the pink slime that you really just need to complete the stage to qualify here.

Still, in the interest of being first and gaining extra rewards, there are a few tricks to ensure your victory. In the first slope, for example, players can jump onto the yellow bumpers in order to bypass the corner and the first moving bar.

After patiently waiting to move until the bars are retracted, hop up to the conveyor belt zone and try to keep to the far right where possible. The moving obstacles risk bouncing you down a level where the slime awaits, so stay well clear. Remember, taking your time is usually fine in this stage, so cross the yellow logs carefully but if you fall, don’t panic.

Slime Climb Fall Guys guide
(Picture: Mediatonic)

Next up is the slippery floor section, with a series of spinning hammers to catch unwitting Fall Guys. Thankfully, there’s a large gap between the hammers, so you should be able to stay clear here. If there’s a large cluster of Fall Guys on this section when you arrive, stay well away from them, as being jostled into a hammer may spell your doom.

The level’s final obstacle, and also its most dangerous, is the triple-threat of pendulums awaiting players before the finish line. Again, we’re dealing with a slippery floor here, so take it slow and don’t just sprint for the end. One hit from these swinging obstacles and you’re being knocked off for sure.

Quick Tips

  • Slow and steady always wins this race, let the other Fall Guys eliminate themselves
  • Don’t forget that a lot of corners can be cut with a well-placed jump
  • Avoid all obstacles with everything you’ve got, as the slime will eliminate players who are knocked down a level.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download it for free this month.