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FaZe Rain claims the clan is treating him unfairly and lashes out

FaZe Rain, the co-owner of FaZe clan, is lashing out at the esports organization.

On 28th May, Nordan “Rain” Shat, also known as FaZe Rain, announced he has been removed from the FaZe house. At the time, roughly one week ago, he admitted it was 100% his fault because of "sad boy energy" and being "too high". 

For those unfamiliar with his history, FaZe Rain has been struggling with mental health issues, depression, and allegedly has addiction issues. Now, he is lashing out at the FaZe clan. 


FaZe Rain lashes out at FaZe clan

On Twitter, FaZe Rain lashed out at the organization. He apparently came back to Los Angeles, and wanted to come back to the FaZe house to "be happy" with his friends.

However, it doesn't seem as if his plans turned out as he expected.



Co-founder Ricky Banks, aka FaZe Banks, responded, stating directly FaZe Rain's comment isn't true. The FaZe clan, according to Banks, has offered Rain help "numerous times".

Further, FaZe Banks notes the organization has explored many different options to help him solve his problems, and he shut them all down.



Things seemed to escalate quite a bit between the two FaZe co-founders. FaZe Rain also suggested the organization isn't helping, but in fact, leaving him out on the streets.

Keep in mind FaZe Rain admitted on 28th May it was all his fault and the clan shouldn't be blamed.

Late on 4th June, FaZe Rain seems to announce he is going back to Canada. In a series of short tweets, he stated "I just want to rest in peace", followed by "I'm sorry hurt all of you" and finally, "I clearly am not dead for a reason. I’m here for a purpose. What could it be?".

For reference, FaZe Rain has struggled with mental health issues in the past, as far back as 2018. Check out the video below where he explained some of his struggles.