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FaZe Adapt baffled after he’s banned on Twitch over “sexually suggestive content”

FaZe Adapt has been left perplexed after he was banned from Twitch for three days, denying he has done any wrongdoing to deserve the punishment.
FaZe Adapt baffled after he’s banned on Twitch over “sexually suggestive content”

FaZe Adapt, real name Alexander Hamilton, has responded after being suspended from Twitch for three days due to “sexually suggestive content” - and he’s still unaware exactly what he’s done. 

The FaZe Clan member was left confused after receiving notice from Twitch he’d been banned from streaming for three days in an email. 

Sharing the post with the caption “this is pretty cringe”, Twitch claimed the reason for his ban was over “sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities”. 

It doesn’t mention any specifics, with FaZe Adapt unaware of any wrongdoing, writing in response: “I’m confused af… I definitely never showed anything sexual like that unless I’m just completely clueless and have no idea what I’m saying.”

He’s since issued a further response in a video, stating he still doesn’t know what he’s done exactly. 

Speaking in the video, FaZe Adapt said: “What did I do to get me banned for three days? I don’t f**king even know and I don’t care anymore because I don’t think I did anything bad.”

He added: “So listen Twitch it’s cool, I get it, I’ll relax.”

Twitch has frequently been criticised over its lack of consistency in banning streamers. Recently, Alinity gave herself a three-day ban for exposing herself on stream, before she was officially banned from the platform for a day by Twitch.

GINX TV has reached out to Twitch for further clarification.