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Fnatic Esports and BMW announce partnership

Here's everything you need to know about the exciting new partnership announced between Fnatic Esports and BMW.
Fnatic Esports and BMW announce partnership

Exciting news from  Berlin as Fnatic partners with BMW to create a new esports performance facility. And by the looks of it, this is a huge step forward not only for Fnatic esports players and staff but also for the esports community overall. 

While the new facility focuses on keeping players, streamers, and the staff healthy, focused, and productive. It also serves as a look into exciting developments for the future of both Fnatic, and the esports community at large. 

The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility Partnership Overview

The new esports performance facility was unveiled on the 1st June 2022, brought to life by the partnership of BMW and the Fnatic esports performance brand. Its sole focus is to cater to the needs and requirements of esports professionals who compete in high-level competitions and aims to set the new standard for esports training centres. 

Fnatic Esports and BMW announce partnership features top of the line infrastructure and facilities
The partnership between Fnatic and BMW has unveiled a brand new esports training facility. (Picture: Fnatic)

The facility itself is outfitted with a top of the line internal networking system and ultra-fast broadband, likely ensuring that players receive the best performance when playing online. It also includes an in-house gym, a fully serviced kitchen with appliances by Hisense, changing rooms, recreation rooms, a content studio, match review rooms and even a couple of gaming performance rooms for when players need to get in the zone.  

BMW and Fnatic have gone above and beyond to create a space that will cultivate both a healthy and competitive environment for their players, such as the Fnatic League of Legends team who will be competing in the upcoming League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Summer Season. With the qualifiers up for grabs, Fnatic hopes to use and improve on the esports Performance Facility to bring them to the top of their game and take the top spot on the LEC. 

The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility Partnership 

Strategy and Focus

The facility itself is based on the wider focus and strategy of Fanatics' eight pillars when it comes to cultivating and creating a successful esports team. Those pillars are health, research, technology and software, in-game performance, processes and operations, youth structure, infrastructure and education. 

Fnatic Esports and BMW announce partnership the philosophy behind the partnership and facility is performance and well being
Th new facility supports esports players and staff with the resources they need to succeed professionally and maintain their mental and physical well being. (Picture: Fnatic)

This philosophy is fully backed by BMW as well, with Pia Schörner, the BMW Group Head of Gaming and Sponsoring stating: "We are excited to collaborate with Fnatic, one of our successful United in Rivalry teams, on the new BMW x Fnatic esports Performance Facility. It will cover all aspects needed for a team to be able to compete at the highest level of esports. The broad approach, ranging from players’ physical and mental health over content creation to in-game performance, is reflecting the philosophy of BMW when it comes to esports”.

All of this is being pushed forward by Fanatics High-Performance Unit (HPU), a division of Fnatic focusing on helping the teams improve their overall performance and consistency in regards to both player health and player performance. Ensuring that players have all their needs met in terms of being able to perform in their professional environment, but also encouraging a healthy balance between work, play and health. 

Fnatic Esports and BMW announce partnership the new facility sets a standard for esports training facilities
The partnership and its main focuses are helping set a new standard for what the esports training industry and community should be like. (Picture: Fnatic)

We think this approach should and is the way forward in the esports community, offering players support to reach their professional goals, but also providing a space that is conducive to mental and physical well being, a philosophy we hope to see carry on as the esports industry grows and becomes more and more accessible to players worldwide. 

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Featured image courtesy of Fnatic.