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Ghost of Tsushima: How to get five kills in a standoff and earn the trophy

We explain in detail how to get five kills from one standoff, earning the "All in the wrists" trophy in the process.
Sucker Punch's PS4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, is a brilliant open-world adventure no gamer should miss out on. It has a massive world to explore, filled to the brim with activities, collectables, and enemies to decimate.

While you can go stealth, the honourable Samurai way is to challenge enemies to a standoff. There's a trophy attached to getting five kills in one standoff, and if you are stuck trying to get it, we've got you covered.


Ghost of Tsushima: How a standoff works

Before we get to the trophy, it is important to explain how a standoff works in Ghost of Tsushima. It is quite simple, but it doesn't leave much room for error. First off, you need to challenge enemies directly. This means you can't stealth in, kill a few, and then try to initiate a standoff, it simply won't work. 

To initiate a standoff, head towards a group of enemies, or an encampment, and wait for the standoff prompt to appear. This happens when you are close enough to the enemies but have not yet been spotted.


Ghost of Tsushima standoff how to get five kills
A standoff is an honourable way to go (Picture: Sucker Punch)


Follow the steps below to successfully perform a standoff. A standoff can also be initiated from horseback, in case you were wondering.

  • When the prompt appears, press the "up" key on the D-Pad.
  • Hold "Triangle" in and watch for your enemy's attack.
  • When the enemy attacks, release the "Triangle" button to kill the enemy in a single blow.
  • Enemies can fake an attack, so only release the button when you are sure this is an actual attack.
  • If you have some technique points spent in Ghost of Tsushima's standoff ability, another enemy will charge you.
  • Press either "Square" or "Triangle" as they swing their weapon. Only the first enemy fakes an attack.

Now that you know how a Ghost of Tsushima standoff works, it is time to learn how to get the trophy attached to getting five kills in a row.



Ghost of Tsushima: How to get five kills in one standoff

If you manage to get five kills in one single standoff, then you can earn the PSN Trophy called "All in the wrists". While performing a standoff is relatively easy, you need to jump through some hoops to unlock this trophy.

When reaching the mid-game, you should be able to perform a five kill standoff in Ghost of Tsushima.


Ghost of Tsushima how to standoff five kills trophy
Arguably the best armour in the game (Picture: Sucker Punch)


You will need to follow some exact steps, and spend some resources in order to pull it off. Follow the steps below.

  • Spend technique points to makes out the Standoff Streak passive in the Evolving Tactics section of your character development.
  • After levelling up the Standoff Streak passive, you will be able to kill three enemies with a single standoff. 
  • Obtain the Sakai Clan Armour set. You should acquire this armour naturally a few hours into Chapter 2.
  • The Sakai Clan Armour gives you a passive bonus for one additional enemy in the Standoff Streak.
  • Through gameplay, you will find the required materials to level up the Sakai Clan Armour to the maximum level.
  • With max level Sakai Clan Armour, your Stanoff Streak can finally kill five enemies.
  • Find a group of five Mongols and go to town using the steps in the first section of this guide.

It took us roughly 20 hours of natural play to get the Ghost of Tsushima "All in the wrists" trophy, during the middle of the campaign.

While there are many other armour sets in the game, the Sakai Clan Armour is arguably the best anyway. Levelling it up will not only allow you to get the trophy, but also decimate your foes the honourable way.