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Guile Street Fighter 6 gameplay revealed at Summer Game Fest

The great American hero, Guile, is back for Street Fighter 6, with his iconic look and move set looking better than ever in the RE Engine.
Guile Street Fighter 6 gameplay revealed at Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Fest showcase kicked off with some incredible news for Street Fighter 6 fans, as Guile was officially revealed as a returning character for the upcoming Capcom fighting game.

With plenty of information revealed back at the Sony State of Play, including the first look at SF6 gameplay, and the first four characters to be appearing in the game confirmed (Luke, Chun-Li, Ryu, and newcomer Jamie), Capcom followed that by giving fans a proper look at the great American hero himself.

The surprise of Guile's inclusion in the base roster of Street Fighter 6 was somewhat spoiled by a massive leak showcasing artwork of 22 fighters that will appear in the title, (Capcom later confirmed the leaks). Despite this, seeing the iconic character in action with a brand-new look utilising the RE Engine.

Guile confirmed for Street Fighter 6

guile capcom
Guile is coming back tougher than ever in Street Fighter 6. (Picture: Capcom)

With Street Fighter 6 pushing the franchise timeline past SFIII, Guile finally achieved his dream of going home and becoming a family man, after dismantling Shadaloo and avenging his friend Charlie Nash. However, "a new mission now awaits," which will force Guile out of retirement.

Capcom describes Guile's gameplay in Street Fighter 6 as a "powerhouse." 

"Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 combines his signature moves with fresh additions. He is one powerhouse of a character who retains his ability to keep opponents at a distance. Splatters of green and yellow paint cover the stage when Guile utilizes the Drive System, harkening to the colors of his classic look."

His move sets feature classics like the Sonic Boom and Flash Kick. Moves introduced in SFV like the Solid Punchver V-Skill will be reworked to become a Super Art.

Similarly, his most powerful Super is known as an incredibly flashy finisher. First, he launches his opponent up in the air with a Flash Kick, followed up by a powered-up Sonic Boom, finally, another Flash Kick while suspended in the air delivers the final blow.

capcom guile
Guile's Super Art is a complete extravaganza. (Picture: Capcom)

You can watch the full Guile in Street Fighter 6 reveal in the video below.

Expect more Street Fighter 6 news soon, as Capcom has announced their own showcase on 13th June. The conference will last roughly 35 minutes. So far the only games confirmed for the event are Monster Hunter: Rise and Resident Evil 4 Remake, but expect SF6 to join the lineup eventually.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.