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Halo Infinite beta: How to sign up to Insider, release date and more

Want an early peek at Halo Infinite? Here’s how to sign up for the Halo Infinite Insider Program and when to expect the release of Microsoft’s next biggest Halo launch.
Halo Infinite beta: How to sign up to Insider, release date and more

Halo Infinite is the next biggest launch by 343 Industries and Microsoft. The launch comes after about a year of waiting since its originally anticipated release last year. Considering the failed launch of “The Halo Masterchief Collection”, Microsoft announced a beta testing period to allow players to provide critical feedback regarding bugs and other gameplay improvements, ahead of its release later this year.  

The best part is that anyone can register to be a beta tester, with over 100,000 people registered to date. Registering will give you special early access to the game and an opportunity to reshape Halo Infinite. The registration process is easy and will only take a few minutes, which we’ve detailed for you in the section below.

How to sign up for Halo Infinite Insider Program?

The Halo Insider Program is the official beta testing system and will be available to both Xbox and PC players.

Players wishing to provide critical feedback to the developers ahead of the game’s launch can do so by following the registration steps below.

  • Navigate to the Halo Insider page at the Halo Waypoint website
  • Select “Sign up” and then sign in with your Xbox Live account
  • Grant Halo Waypoint access to your Xbox Live information
  • Confirm your age and agree to the Confidentiality Statement
  • Click “Join the Program”
  • Complete the required fields and then click “Continue”
halo infinite beta insider program how to register
Picture: 343 Industries / Microsoft

Xbox players only:

  • Select “Yes” to be considered for Xbox console flighting
  • Complete your console ownership and setup details and click “Continue”

PC players only:

  • Select “Yes” to be considered for PC flighting
  • Follow the instructions and upload your DirectX Diagnostic PC specifications
  • If you are using Steam, select the “Link Steam Account” button
  • Login with your Steam account credentials
  • Click “Continue”
halo infinite launch 2021 holidays 343 industries insider program
Picture: 343 Industries / Microsoft

The following last steps pertain to all players:

  • When asked about your availability, select the days and times that are preferable to you
  • Click “Complete Signup”
  • Open the Halo Insider email sent to your nominated email and click the “Verify my email address” link in the email.

Your registration should now be complete and your Halo Insider profile will automatically be visible on your screen. 

halo infinite insider program launch beta
Picture: 343 Industries / Microsoft

Note for Xbox players:

You may need to check back later into your Insider profile to select which consoles you are using (i.e. Series X/S). You will also have to sign up for the Xbox Insider Program for access to the Insider Hub application.

When will Halo Infinite be released?

The release date has not been confirmed, although Halo Infinite is expected to release during the festive holidays, this year (so November or December 2021).

The game will launch on the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles as well as on Windows PC, retailing for USD 60 at major outlets like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.

halo infinite
Picture: 343 Industries / Microsoft

The game will support crossplay between PC and Xbox consoles and Microsoft confirmed that cross-progression will be available.

This means that players will be able to continue their game progress even if they switch platforms and all player-specific information will be synchronized accordingly.

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Header image via Microsoft.