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Hideo Kojima Teases New Game Starring Elle Fanning At PAX Australia

A cryptic stand at PAX Australia teased an upcoming game from Kojima Productions with a poster starring Hollywood actress Elle Fanning.
Hideo Kojima Teases New Game Starring Elle Fanning At PAX Australia

PAX Australia is at the center of an internet treasure hunt as a mysterious stand appeared at the gaming convention event. Sources later confirmed that the stand is a promotion by Kojima Productions, seemingly teasing a possible new game from the studio.

Hideo Kojima led the charge by posting an ominous response to the stand's sighting on social media, which fuelled excitement online as attendees gathered to uncover the mystery. What hasn't been confirmed is whether the project is a brand-new IP or has been previously announced by the legendary game director.

Hideo Kojima Tease New Game Collaboration With Elle Fanning

Attendees at this year’s PAX Australia may have spotted a peculiar sighting of a standee with a shadow-like figure, and the words “Where Am I?” emblazoned. This standee was confirmed to be teasing a forthcoming game from the legendary developer, Hideo Kojima, who later tweeted the words “Who is WHERE?” leaving many baffled.

One attendee, Retro Gamer Guy, detailed that if they spotted the QR code nearby the standee, scanning it would redirect them to a URL on the Kojima Productions’ website. This was also confirmed by famous modder Lance McDonald, who posted the image bearing the face of Hollywood actress Elle Fanning.

The image shows Fanning’s face, lit up by red lights, and has the words “Who Am I?” printed across her face. In addition, on the side, more lettering is printed to accompany the poster that reads “A Hideo Kojima Game x Elle Fanning,” confirming their partnership.

hideo kojima new game tease who am i pax australia elle fanning
Scanning the QR code will redirect them to the Kojima Productions website to view the poster featuring Elle Fanning. (Picture: Kojima Productions)

As to what to whether this is the game Kojima teased on social media back in May 2022 alongside images of Death Stranding and The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, no one but Kojima knows. Similarly, Reedus accidentally revealed that the sequel to Death Stranding is in the works, claiming, “We just started the second one” during an interview with LEO.

Likewise, another Kojima Productions game is supposedly in production called “Overdose,” which was first reported by Tom Henderson and the team at Try Hard Guides. It’s not also confirmed if this is the game he’s developing for the Xbox platform and later confirmed at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in June 2022.

hideo kojima new game tease who am i tokyo game show
The poster that appeared at PAX Australia was also spotted throughout the Tokyo Game Show. (Picture: Twitter / Hideo_Kojima_En)

Furthermore, there were near-identical-looking images that appeared at the location of the Tokyo Game Show in September 2022. Kojima posted an image of him attending the gaming conference with the same poster appearing at PAX Australia, which is the only surefire confirmation thus far.

No matter which angle one looks from, it seems like it could be a Death Stranding sequel or the rumored new horror game, Overdose, but the intrigue has captivated gamers nonetheless. While we continue to monitor Kojima-san’s social media for more clues, we will endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.

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Featured image courtesy of Kojima Productions.