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Horizon Forbidden West State of Play showcase: Start time and where to stream

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay will be shown for the first time at Sony’s State of Play on Thursday.
Sony has announced a new State of Play presentation for Thursday 27th May, where they’ll debut gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West. 

After its reveal in June last year, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will be shown in a 20 minute presentation, which will show “14 minutes of brand new in-game action” captured on PS5. 

So when does the presentation start? Here’s all the information you need. 

When does the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play kick off? 

Horizon Forbidden West sees the return fo Aloy (Picture: Sony) 

The gameplay will be streamed across PlayStation’s official Twitch and YouTube channels at the below times for each region. 

  • UK - 10pm BST
  • Europe - 11pm CEST
  • West US - 2pm PDT
  • East US - 5pm EST

There will also be a State of Play pre-show starting at 9am PDT/5pm BST/6pm CEST which will feature a “uniquely crafted countdown” to the main event. 

Along with new gameplay, this might be where Sony sets a release date for Horizon Forbidden West, which is their next major Sony exclusive after Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. 

Horizon Forbidden West is set to be released on PS4 and PS5.