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How old is Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6?

We answer the burning question of how old is veteran Chinese fighter Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6.
How old is Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) has been doing the unthinkable for the last 20+ years by taking the franchise timeline past Street Fighter III. While SF4 and SF5 served as prequels in terms of story to the all-time classic, SF6 will age some of our fan-favorite characters one more time. 

One of the characters that players have been wondering about the most is Chun-Li, an iconic and recognizable face who hasn't missed out on a single mainline Street Fighter game besides the original in 1987 and the first SF3 versions (Vanilla and 2nd Impact).

Leading up to Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li, like other returning characters such as Ryu and Guile, will return with a more mature version of themselves. However, in the case of the former Interpol officer, Chun will start SF6 as a kung-fu teacher helping her local community thrive, according to Capcom. 

How old is Chun-Li?

chun li
Chun-Li is now a veteran fighter in Street Fighter 6. (Picture: Capcom)

While very few details are known regarding when Street Fighter 6 is taking place, official Capcom information states that Chun-Li was born on 1st March 1968. Accordingly, fans have pieced together a small timeline over the past few decades, using the SF3 3rd Strike release date (1999) as the final year in which events within the universe take place.

If we used this logic without diving deep into the puzzling Street Fighter story, Chun-Li would be (at the very least) older than 31 years in Street Fighter 6. So depending on when SF6 takes place, the strongest woman in the world could be somewhere between her late 30s or early 40s.

In recent times, Capcom has shied away from giving fans a concrete timeline, only using vague dates without a specific year to reference the events within Street Fighter. Indeed, this is smart, considering we'd most likely get even more titles in the coming years. Simply maintaining a semblance of when things are taking place based on character designs and backstory would make, amongst many other things, managing the lore a bit easier.

chun li
Chun-Li will boast new moves in SF6. (Picture: Capcom)

If leaks are to be believed, the passage of time seems to have some characters suffer the consequences of chasing an impossible dream of becoming the world's strongest fighter, like Ken, which will allegedly become a down-on-his-luck, "washed" fighter in SF6

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.