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Street Fighter 6 to feature crossplay and rollback netcode

Street Fighter 6 will feature crossplay capability and won't split the player base, adding the best netcode available for online play on top of it.
Street Fighter 6 to feature crossplay and rollback netcode

Street Fighter fans will be happy to hear that Capcom has confirmed the latest entry in the franchise, SF6, will ship with crossplay functionalities and rollback netcode.

During a hands-on preview event, several FGC and general gaming influencers had the opportunity to try out an early build of Street Fighter 6, featuring the first four announced characters (Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie). On top of trying out the game's mechanics, the developers answered questions about SF6's online functionalities, giving good news to the entire player base.

Crossplay and rollback netcode confirmed for SF6

Street Fighter 6 seems to be doing everything right to excite fans. (Picture: Capcom)

According to content creator Maximilian Dood, Street Fighter 6 will have crossplay. Crossplay for fighting games is an important feature that will dramatically help their longevity. As the player base naturally shrinks, those dedicated enough to improving will naturally gravitate to one version of the game, letting the rest of them be completely forgotten.

Crossplay will allow SF6 to thrive, garnering more attention and retaining a bigger player base months after release. In case you're unaware, Street Fighter 6 will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series SIX platforms.

Gamespot and Giant Bomb's Tamoor Hussain later confirmed that the game would also feature rollback netcode.

Rollback netcode is one of the most reliable ways of playing fighting games online. In a genre that can be defined by a small move coming out two or three frames after you wanted because of online delay, rollback aims to fix those issues. This is accomplished by developing a system that, in short, predicts what players will do and inputs them before they do.

Guile was the fifth confirmed character in Street Fighter 6. (Picture: Capcom)

If the guess is incorrect the game will roll back frames and deliver the proper commands, hence the name rollback netcode. Street Fighter V shipped with neither rollback netcode nor crossplay, with barebones modes and a tiny roster. Street Fighter 6 seems like the developers, who are now in a more stable financial situation, have learned from their mistakes and are delivering on all the promises made to fighting game fans.

With titles like Riot's Project L on the horizon, it bodes extremely well for Street Fighter 6 that fans are reacting so positively to all the news coming out, including the leaked roster, as the FGC was desperately clamoring for a return to form to one of fighting game's most beloved franchises.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.